The Corvallis Advocate

Website made for a weekly newspaper:

Schultz Web Design provided a new website, added in line ads, and a subscription platform. In addition we provide social media services to the Corvallis Advocate

Free every other Thursday with daily online content… a curated mix of arts, entertainment, science and, deep definitive journalism.

Their mission is to advocate for the highest good of the community, by transcending divisions and building bridges between different people groups near and far. They aim to seek out and promote those that do their best to propel the community forward on its evolutionary track through positive nourishing practices, while, at the same time, offering support to those that are marred, misrepresented, and misunderstood.

They adhere to an evidence based scientific approach to writing, and act with an impulse to leave the smallest footprint possible. They recognize the demand for much of their work to be printed and commit to printing on recycled paper as available, using printers that require minimal solvents and heat, and to printing based on demand.